In reference to SS reels for use in the 1500 series JOBO tanks, I use HEWES 35mm and 120 reels in my CPP2 JOBO processer. Its a later model with a stronger motor able to stand up to the added weight of SS. If you can find the 1561, 1562, 1563, 1563 or 1564 SS cores, you have to replace the plastic center core with the SS core (1561 through 1564 to match the 1500 series tank you choose. Replace the standard light trap with the plugged funnel supplied with the SS kit and install a cog, due to the alteration in the light trap it is necessary that the tank system be used in conjunction with a JOBO-Lift.
I use a 1520-1530-1530 tank combination with a 1564 SS core, it will take 5-120 or 8-35mm reels and works extremely well.
I love the HEWES reels, they are well built with heaver gauge SS stock and load like a dream, they also have a longer, thicker spiral so I never run out of room for the film. I can't say that about some of the other SS reels I've used!