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Really, Im afraid your clutching at straws. Australia had one of the dishes that tracked the Apollo missions. Some of the lost tapes were also recovered here. Ive been to the company that did the work, theyre a small privately owned company that processes GIS and mining data so has lots of old machines and geeks who know how to use them. Not baby boombers either.


If you know anything about Australia, is that people can be a bit blunt and irreverant. Theres no way these old academics would cover up a scam like that. Theres no Ivy league here boys club here, no reason for them to continue the perpetuation of a lie.
The link you quote confirms what is well known. The original TV tape was lost. What is "restored" is some second-generation copy.

Resigned to the fact that the original SSTV tapes were lost forever, the restoration team set about tracking down the highest quality footage among the converted recordings of the first broadcast.

Another painstaking search followed, but within several years an astonishing number of long-forgotten tapes had been amassed from various archives. While the more badly degraded tapes would require extensive restoration work - including the only video from Honeysuckle Creek of Armstrong descending the ladder - the team had cause to celebrate.


The original tape is the only one which can be examined to show signs of tampering, or lack thereof. You cannot detect tampering from a copy. All other copies are taken from some copies of the second-generation copy the NASA has.

It's a bit as if you had a print with a strange object. You lost the original negative. You find a second-generation negative but in no way the second-generation negative can dispel doubts that it was obtained with a sandwich. You need the original negative. Restoration of a copy is no useful. Restoration of a copy which will have "higher quality than the original", as the article says, tells you a lot about the general mindset.