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Yes, doing the exposure test will be just as valid with a scanning workflow. If you post over on DPUG you will get some more advice on developing for a scanning workflow.
I agree with this. Getting a basic exposure and developing time is always beneficial, irrespective of whether you scan or print in a darkroom.

Acros, as Michael R points out, is pretty high contrast, especially in highlights. In combination with the very high contrast of the Fuji GA645 that the OP is using Acros definitely benefits from a bit more exposure, and then reducing development in order to keep the highlights under control.

The only thing that can truly tell us what that exposure and developing time is going to be, for ourselves, is by testing it ourselves. There are always differences between how individuals do things, the equipment they use, lighting conditions they shoot in, water quality, light meter accuracy, etc ad nauseum. A simple film speed test will do a lot for repeatable good results.