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The lunar landing site can be seen with a good satellite imaging camera. The base of the lander is clearly seen. A corner reflector was left that can be targeted with a simple laser for timing experiments. Anyhow.

All early film was shipped either to Wright Patterson AFB or to the individual contractors such as NASA. Much of that imaging has been lost or destroyed. The University of Central Florida was trying to reconstruct some of this history due to the huge loss, and no one seems to know what happened to all of this material. I was charged with shipping all images from CCMTA to WPAFB monthly. That was a lot of film.

A book of the Cape with some excellent images has been published. It is "Go For Launch", and one of the authors is Art LeBrun, and APUG member. I sent Art several images as I did to the project at UCF.

In any event, The film is probably either C-22 or C-41 color negative film. Dip a piece into hot (100F) developer and see if the emulsion comes off. If not, it is C-41 but if it does, then it is C-22 film. We used C-22 film for NASA launches early on using Hulcher cameras and perfed film.