Film definitely has a future. I am convinced there will be an art/craft market that will see me out. I am a convert. In the past I shot film, and used a lab to D&P. Then I shot digital and had a few cameras. Then on a whim I bought an old Kiev 4A which I couldn't believe was only 5 and then its just GAS. I'm a techie, even though not professionally trained. I take things to pieces when they are broke and >50% of the time I get them back together fixed. The other times I learn something. What I like about film is the *challenge*. There are so many variables - the quirks of the camera as a machine, the film, the exposure, and latterly the darkroom and all it's mysteries that I am just starting to get to grips with. If I take my camera to say a major event there will be 99.9% digital cameras and me and a couple of others trying to tease a nice image out of that bit of silver salt. Of the 99.9% digital pictures taken perhaps 1% will be outstanding and 98.9% will be *the same*. Mine, whatever I do will at least be *different* because they will be taken on film. better? - No! but the images I take will be my view, and my record - and they will be unique. And they might get kept for posterity and not erased or wiped or lost in the next "upgrade" in technology. I like that thought.