I shoot mostly B&W 35mm B&W, but when I want color.. Slide film it is.. RVP50 or RDPIII, the occasional E100VS is a lot of fun too (so sad it's gone). Recently I've started printing at home so I've been shooting B&W for the most part because of the novelty and excitement behind this new endeavor.
But the reason I shoot slide is simple. Before I started printing, the only way I could show and share photos was by scanning them. I have no patience for photoshop and if I could I would rather not need to adjust anything after scanning. Not because I'm anti-digital or anti-scanning. I just don't see the entertainment value behind a night of photoshop adjustments and retouches! It's simply not fun..
Slide gives me a ready, BEAUTIFUL results with absolute minimum effort in post. Even though the latitude restriction frequently screws me over, when things fall in place, it is GORGEOUS and unlike anything else..