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With a large shutter (e.g. Ilex #5), depending upon the size of the lens, you can mount the shutter in front of the lens (as mentioned by John), or the lens in front of the shutter with (typical packard mounting, except using a lensboard). Either mounting may vignet depending upon angle of view and format.

The advantage of front mounting the shutter is that if the filter threads are standard, you might be able to purchase filter thread adapters to mount the shutter onto multiple lenses. For mounting the lens in front of the shutter you will need to machine adapters for the different lenses to fit into the shutter.

So you can simply use cheap Chinese male-male macro reverse adapters? Are they strong enough to hold, say, a Copal #3 shutter? I'm toying with the idea of putting one in front of a Rodagon-G 210mm...