Hi there,

I run a photo lab with a 60" kreonite processor running Kodak Ektacolor RA-4 chemistry with a huge overhead ventilator overhead. This is a university lab, so the space is used by many different people. Recently I've been receiving complaints from students, staff, and employees about a temporary sore throat they get while printing. I've noticed the sore throat myself, and it only happens when there is a high volume of prints running through the processor. Tried contacting Kodak about this, but haven't gotten any response yet. I've also inspected the MSDS sheets for clues but no luck there.

Anyone have any experience with this? Am I just now being sensitized to the irritant after 4 years of being around it? Does anyone know if trebla or Fuji chemistry is any more or less likely to cause respiratory problems like this. Not really sure who to turn to here...

Thanks for your help/input!