What do you do besides think of possible scenarios all day long?

It's an interesting thought experiment, I think, to remove something that is almost ingrained in today's minds. When I visit my grandparents' farm in Sweden I wonder for a few minutes what the rest of the world is up to, but after a while I just let go of the electronic world and enjoy sitting in their back yard, drinking coffee, and talking about memories and such, or even just being quiet together. They are part of a generation that will likely never own a mobile phone, a computer, or any other device that it connected to the internet, other than a landline telephone and an old TV set with antenna only. I admire their lifestyle, and wish I could do the same, actually.
It's so easy now to keep in touch with friends from old days, and people far away, that every time I interact with them that it doesn't feel special anymore.
But every time I pick up the phone and call my grandparents, there is a sense of joy of simply just talking to them on the phone, and there is something of real substance to talk about too, because it's usually weeks or maybe even a month or two between talks.