I notice that the new triple-extension version of their non-folder is actually quite a bit heavier than
a folder with equivalent bellows length. But you might not need triple extension (you can always add
an extension back to a shorter camera later). And I don't know just how much realistic extra coverage you'll get with the 72mm lens either. You can fudge rise a bit by custom drilling the lensboard with the hole a bit high. True monorails handle short lenses with bag bellows, and in the
case of an Ebony folder, one can simply bring things closer together using front and rear base tilts,
then correcting the lens and back to vertical. I do this with a 90 not because I need to shorten things, but to engage as much of the geartrain as possible for max rigidity. I'm more of a long lens
than wide-angle guy, and when I have done commercial architectual shots in the past simply used
the Sinar system. The Ebony is lighter wt and much less bulk, so would have been very tempting if
it had been around back when I first got into the game.