Today I sent five rolls of 120 Velvia film off to my favorite lab to be developed and scanned.
Total price with shipping (next day USPS )both ways will hit right at 125 bucks.

I had thought that having the lab do my E6 processing would be cheaper than me rounding up the chemistry
but now I'm not so sure.

Now I'm thinking that I should process myself and then have only certain frame scanned as opposed to having the whole batch scanned.
After all, try as I do for some reason not all of my shots are keepers

I have a Jobo CPP2 with all of the tanks so I'm ahead of the curve there.

My question ? I'm leary of the three bath kits. Iv'e heard that the film is not as color stable as the 7 bath method.
If I'm going to process at home I would really like to go the 7 bath way,
and would like to know if this is doable. ?

I hate the fact that we can not get the 7 bath Fuji Hunt kits in this country.

Would I have to buy the bulk Kodak chemistry ? If so could I safely store it for the long term ?

Any suggestions from anyone as to how I could acquire the necessary chemistry would be of great help.