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Any idea what is hiding under the tiny cap upper right near the viewfinder?

What happens when using flash? I think it would not syncronise in the state it is now.
I'm not sure what you mean by the tiny cap. To the front of the camera on the top next to the shutter dial, there is a lever which is the shutter dial lock. On the back is the lever for the viewfinder blind, and the battery chamber cap.

You could probably get the top off without harm, if you have some knowledge about camera disassembly. One of the innovations in the ST901 was the use of flexible circuit boards instead of wiring. The flash shoe might still be wired- I don't know. If you can desolder and solder, a few wires are not a problem.

For flash, the 1/60 speed on the dial is selected. In auto, any speed displayed below 1/60 will work.