The best Pentax AF bodies (if you want handling like the manual ones) seem to be the MZ-5/MZ-5n and MZ-M. They have a proper shutter speed dial. The SF series are nice cameras but I do find the "hold this, then wiggle that" approach to settings annoying. I find I tend to shoot them in Av mode and use AE Lock to deal with exposure compensation as it's faster than cycling through shutter speeds with the jog wheel/slider.

My main reason for not buying an MZ-5n is the fact that they're something of a reliability time-bomb. That little drive cog cracks and you're left with a lengthy and complex repair job to replace the motor.

I took my K2 out today and TBH the only reason I'd take an AF body over this is if I was worried about damaging it (K2s are rather harder to find in working order than SF7s). It's much quieter, the shutter sounds very precise, and it has pretty much every control you could want. The shutter is a stepless design, so if the lighting is suitable you can put it in Auto and it isn't bound by the numbers on the dial.

My only complaint is the lack of an aperture display in the viewfinder like the KX and MX have, which was cured with the K2 DMD (on my wish list!)