So I'm finally getting my darkroom in here.
First off, I cannot extend enough thanks to the APUG community. Looking at the darkroom portraits from all of you was inspirational, educational, and strangely soothing in my time between darkrooms. I've been doing black and white completely on my own for about 8 years now, and with having never actually worked in a proper darkroom (not even one time), the information all of you share here has been invaluable to me. In the past I was always in rental properties, so there was no option to build specifically, it was pretty dodgy, cobbled together, punkrock darkrooms for years. The last one had a hole in the floor for a sink and drain, in a different part of the basement.

Now I finally own a house and spent over 2 months last winter putting this together after I was unexpectedly laid off. Best thing that happened to me in awhile.

Started out with tearing out a cold storage room, patching some deteriorated parging on the foundation. All in all, about 70% of the materials were either used, scavenged, or recycled. The sinks were made out of the metal/enamel liners from two old ass freezers that were left in the house. The ceiling was done with nearly full size sheets of new drywall that were waste from a neighbour's reno. Almost all of the lumber was scavenged. I had to buy paint, some electrical and plumbing and 2 sheets of plywood.
There is a master switch to close off all of the electrical, including plug ins.
The plumbing has it's own set of shut offs for easy maintainence or changes.
I got one of the lawler mechanical temp control valves off of the auction site for a little over $100. Someone here had posted a link to this,, for tips with tuning these valves up. I went through and followed it, and the valve works like a dream.
I got the LPL enlarger for free from one of the high schools here in town which has an incredible photography program. Since the film price jump a year or more ago, they've had to scale back on the film component, and so were getting rid of a bunch of equipment. I modified the column slightly to mount it to the ceiling so that the work surface underneath would be movable for doing bigger enlargements. It has only 2 positions, but they both have adjustible bolts so that it can be properly aligned with the enlarger.

There is some more stuff in it now with settling in and refining here and there, but I sure am happy with it.
I'm pretty typed out now, but if any of you have any questions, ask away.
Thanks again APUG, couldn't have done it with out you.