I am glad everything turned out well and you discovered what your paper was! Is this is same type of paper that you see on deli counters? that they wrap your sandwich in? if it is then that stuff is really cheap by the roll! what a deal!

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hi loris, newt on swings, and george

thanks for your suggestions !

i found a 100sheet pad of some sort of inexpensive paper ( 10/sheet i think )
i will test it soon to see how it holds up .. its not thick, its not thin, its kind of "meh" ...
i also got an ID on the inexpensive paper i have been using
no one was able to ID it for where i bought the paper ( pad ) so
i trucked down to the RISD store and the woman there knew the paper
and had used it before ... it's BUTCHER PAPER ...
she said it kind of has a waxy feel to it ( i just thought it was cheap and "glossy" but what do i know )

i was told i can get it at big box stores so we'll see ...
i haven't ever had trouble with it so when the time comes, i look forward to getting some more -

thanks again!
- john