I have some fairly old chemicals that I plan to use crafting my own developers, etc. Most are over 25 years and a few older than that. I have the following:

1 lb Kodak Elon, This is supposed to be white but is a bit tan Looks like an old Powder chemistry
1 lb Kodak Hydroquinone it is about the same age as the Elon but is snow white and I suspect is good.
1 lb Potassium Bromide that is one solid lump but I think it can be broken up into crystals again.
1/2 lb Sodium sulfite, seems OK
3/4 lb Sodium Carbonate a large lump but it too can be broken up for use.
3/4 lb Kodalk free flowing
3/4 lb Borax that needs to broken up.
a small container of Phenidone.

I really suspect that the Elon(metol) is beat, but it may work. I will try it out to see how bad it is with a roll of non-critical film. The only reason that I would like to use the Elon is that Metol prices have gone through the roof.

Does anyone have experience using old chemicals for photographic purposes?