This was posted on, but no response. Anyone here have any idea? Thanks.

I acquired a Bronica EC light meter that has a battery cavity that will take either 2 3 volt batteries, or 4 1.5 volt batteries, or one 6 volt lithium battery. It has a serial number 127xx. I have also come across another Bronica EC light meter with a serial number of 129xx that also uses a 6 volt battery.
The Bronica EC light meter instructions I have seen describe the EC light meter using a 3 volt battery or 2 1.5 volt batteries and those battery compartments only accept batteries totaling 3 volts. I have been advised that that battery compartment also has what appears to be a "grey plastic" insert which limits the compartment to a total of 3 volts of battery. That EC light meter had a serial number of 114xx.
Has anyone else seen this anomaly? Is it just another example of the Bronica company making another change in their system years ago and not telling anyone? I definitely do not want to "fry" my electrical system in either my EC body or the EC light meter. Is there anyway to confirm mine EC light meter was in fact made to use 6 volts of battery in it?
Thanks. Jon