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That commercial is mostly responsible for me turning off my computer more, barely using facebook anymore, and dropping several other forums. APUG and photochimps remain, but not much else.
I'd rather be out in the woods. And since tomorrow is a daycare day and it's supposed to be nice, I will be.
Ugh. Facebook. We hates it, precious. *shudder*

I do have to admit that without Twitter and other online avenues I'd have very little money for any fun things like photography supplies. See, I dye yarn. You know, for knitting. Well, and crocheting, but I tried that once and ended up with some knots in expensive wool/cashmere blend yarn. Anyway, I sell online. Completely. I do it all by hand with one stupid little pot in my kitchen. Without the internet, there would be no customers. Or, well, there would definitely be many fewer customers.

Thanks to the internet I've been able to ditch cable TV, connect with people I'd never been able to talk to previously, buy various cameras of questionable value, find other knitters who aren't 80 and *do* know how to swear occasionally, learn lots of different things with both online tutorials and Youtube, find lots of interesting (and somewhat questionable) international entertainment (Agfa Style should be the next Gangnam Style cover), and suffer just a bit less from the isolation one feels as a stay-at-home-mom without a second car in a tiny town with no public transportation.

It has its ups and downs as everything does.