I just shot and had returned, my first roll ever of transparency film. It was just one single roll of Provia 100 film. I've never even seen a medium format slide before (6 x 4.5). Wow! The colors just jump off the film! Even more incredible was it that I shot this roll under the flattest light you can imagine. It was totally overcast out doors. Yet the colors were still very impressive. Back in the day when I was a film shooter, I never was tempted by transparency film. I always was a negative guy. Now that I shoot medium format, the pull to see more slide film is rather strong now. I havent even yet seen one of these slides projected. That's a problem because a) no projector, b) no screen, and c) these slides are not mounted. So for now it's just looking at the slides themselves, and scans.

Still, I am impressed.