I've used the 220 TLR, many years ago, and it is a decent tool.

If you want to stay with a SLR, I'd look at a Kowa Super 66.

I regret having ever sold my Kowa system, esp. the 40mm lens. The Kowa Super 66 has interchangeable backs and several different finders, including metered. The Kowa system is very reasonable in price.

Some will say these are not very durable cameras, but I didn't have any trouble with mine (about 9 years service). I did have everything I bought serviced by Ross Yerkes in LA as soon as I got it.

If I could have my old system back, I'd sell my Hassy gear and pocket the difference. Prints 11x14 or under I can't tell a difference, and probably can't bigger than that between the Kowa and Hassy.

Kowa also made a 19mm lens for this series. I've never seen one in person, but I do have a picture of one a fellow sent me years ago. It is a big lens.

Anyway, I do think the Kowa Super 66 is a viable choice for a low cost 2 1/4 SLR system.