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Bodies: I like both bodies for different reasons (OM1,OM2,F2,F3). Olympus is cheaper, smaller, and lighter. Nikon is more expensive, larger, and heavier. Nikon feels a little better in my hand but I can work with either body.
-Any visual size comparison?
Since these are manual focus bodies, the biggest differences between the Olympus and Nikon can be seen in the viewfinders. The OM1&2 have two of the biggest and brightest while the Nikons are better for people who wear glasses. The OM1&2 do not show the aperture while the Nikons do and they have 100% coverage.

For manual focus cameras, I would further recommend that you check out these threesome.

The FM3A is newest of all and is the only body to date with aperture priority autoexpose and yet is completely functional when batteries are depleted except for meter and such.
The OM4 looses the large viewfinder of the OM1&2 but is the only one of these with spot metering and outstanding metering range of EV -5 to EV 19.
The LX is the smallest changeable viewfinder, best sealed body (random production line rain tested) and most outstanding meter range of EV -6.5 to 20 that can meter the scene in realtime for as long as it takes.