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[from post #39] The filtration issue - blue filter, yellow filter - doesn't quite make sense to me. Here's the thing: when I focus with my eyes, it's very sharp on the easel. When I focus with the grain focuser, it's sharp but not *very* sharp on the easel. The prints I made on RC paper confirmed that to me. At the moment, this is all I'm worried about.
Marco, in the following post (#40), "Michael R 1974" explains things.

Let me try to be a bit more blunt. It is possible that your paper can be exposed by UV light, which you cannot see. The (invisible) UV image is probably out-of-focus. I suggest exposing through a UV filter, which will block the UV light, eliminating this possibility. This simple (if you own a UV filter) test can eliminate any need to hypothesize about whether or not UV light might be causing a fuzzy image.

I mention this possibility because the photographer/printer/writer Ctein reports that it has happened to him, and I do not take Ctein lightly. I don't have evidence that it IS your problem, only that it is a possibility that can be easily tested.