I shoot probably a couple hundred rolls a year, mostly Velvia 50, for nature, travel, etc. I have never been interested in post processing (traditional or digital) and I like making all my creative decisions in the field. I enjoy the final slides myself on a lightbox, project the best for friends and family, and occasionally have some published. I have a few printed and I like the simplicity of sending a slide to a good lab, asking them to match the final print to it, and getting back essentially what I expect.

By now of course most photographers with my interests have gone digital, but I've resisted so far because 1) I like film, 2) I don't like post-processing, and 3) FX digital bodies are bricks that I don't want to carry into the backcountry and DX bodies have few options with regard to wide-angle lenses.

I do like the new Portras for everyday family pictures, but if E6 disappears I'm afraid my serious film days will be over. Hopefully that's still awhile off.