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...I only have the ordinary lenses (28/2.8, 35/2.8 and 50/1.8). I love my OM2N and OM4 and with those lenses, especially the 28, they produce amazing results.

You will pay 4x more for the 2.0 lenses over the 2.8 ones...
I stayed with the 2.0 lenses when I was building my system. They are heavier and larger than the 2.8 ones, and yet the 2.8 ones have a good reputation for lighter weight and better quality because they have fewer elements (I guess this would be in flare-inducing conditions where the number of elements is noticeable).

So if acquiring an OM system, I'd recommend the lighter/smaller wides, for price and because less weight is more important for me these days (I'm a backpacker).

But the 85mm f/2.0 is a good portrait lens that I often carry.