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Any attempt to conceptualize, cathegorize, justify, explain, motivate, contextualize etc. any work of art is a negation of the word Art itself. If it's Art, it cannot be explained or demonstrated or justified or legitimized by any reasoning. The brain is not the organ where Art is perceived. If it's Art, you know it before any attempt at intellectual examination. All the mental masturbation over Art is nice or funny University activity but it's not what can give Art its value or reason to be.

All this IMO.

I would like to make extremely clear that I do not intend to make the least attempt to "defend" what above. That is just what my gut defines Art*. There is no algorithm to define Art and there is no scientific way in which any definition can be "defended". If somebody looks for a scientifically "defensible" definition of Art, I think he is seriously artistically challenged .

*And in any case my gut would know much more than my brain about art so in case it's the brain which should give a gutly defence of his opinion and not the other way round
As you mention a way of defining art work, I have always liked Emile Zola’s definition. I believe he use to hold dinner parties at his house in Paris every Thursday and many of the French impressionist painters of the time would attend. This included people such as Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissarro, etc. I would imagine (but can’t prove it) that Zola’s own definition is derived from a conversation about this very point at one of these dinners. But then they were probably only thinking in terms of impressionist painting. However, it is as follows:-
A work of art is a corner of creation seen through a temperament.