Here's another question:

After you've completed your first round of calibration, when you make the finer calibration with smaller step sizes, are the results relative to the settings that are already in the calibration table or are they absolute?

I assume they are relative. Correct?

For example, if you have already calibrated for Grade 5 at 1/4-step intervals and your test strip showed you needed a "+1" correction, you would enter "+3" into that grade of the paper channel you are working on. (Multiply the results of your test strip by 3 when working in 1/4-steps.)
Now, if you made a second test strip at 1/12-step intervals which showed a "-2" you would click the "down" button two times from the value that you already entered. Right?

If you entered an absolute value you would end up setting Grade 5 for that channel at "-2" when it should have been "+1."