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Dale Labs? I remember that outfit from ages (well, 25 years) ago.

They used to sell generic color negative film by mail order that could only be processed and printed by them, and they would supply you with a set of "slides" too. The film in question was color negative stock used in the movie industry, respooled into 35mm film canisters. Hence the slides (color positive prints). Can you hear the film director say: "print it!"

I forgot what the exact film type number was, 6036 or so.

CODE "C41DEV36" That tells you all: C41! 36 exposures. Their grand mistake.
Still, I think they caught it after the fact and pushed some print film on you, while they were trying to wash their hands clean...

Get a film processing tank, some developer and fixer and do it yourself instead. You'll be amazed how easy it is and with care far superior to anything you've seen before, aside from it being totally customizable to your process and needs.
I remember Dale, too. I even tried their crap once. Judging by the results I remember getting (lousy color, grain) they should be very popular with the hipster crowd.