After many hours of phoning and searching for a Canadian supplier for Pictorico for making 'upsized' alternative process negatives from my 4x5 in-camera negatives, I finally had to go 'offshore' to B&H.

While I am not 'slow' in bitching about what might be termed 'poor' or 'less than acceptable' customer service I am quite happy to 'spread the word' when a company's support service has been both pleasant, and positive.

I indicated that I was somewhat reluctant to have them sent my purchase by UPS due to their extremely high brokerage charges and the B&H representative 'knew' how to overcome that problem
by choosing a different shipping company who would not charge more for 'brokerage' than the value of the shipment.

Add one more oversized kudo to the customer sales/service staff at B&H.