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I had a speed where the shutter was TOTALLY ripped on the high speed slit..but I used FILAMENT tape on it with rubber cement/fabric patch...just on the edges where it was ripped and it worked for long time...then I sold it and it is apparently still in service....use filament tape..that stuff is STRONG....filimants in the direction of shutter travel....be as THIN withthe tape and patching as possible as rolling it up adds a bit of girth to the shutter...them filiments are a lifesaver...super strong like fishing line.
I got lucky. It's JUST the very edges that are ripped. If I can get gaffer's tape, rip it thin, and apply it to both sides, I should be good to go.

I also *almost* just bought a new curtain. Almost. But I LOVE this stupid ugly camera. The more I can keep original the better.