Well, I'm just about to calibrate a forty-inch wide roll of polyester-based CAII for printing mainly from Ektar 8x10 film, so it should give you a clue to the faith I put in this combination. And once you
understand the variables, things even trickier than skintones can be routinely controlled. But it's not
an artificially warmed film like skintone neg films per se, like Portra 160, for example. But in principle,
it's not much different than printing on smaller ordinary CAII paper based media. And the difference
between CAII and the older Super C is very minor in terms of filter settings - the CAII is a little cleaner and more vibrant, but slightly lower over all contrast (not as low as Type P, however). Once you learn the basics you can control contrast either up or down via supplementary unsharp silver