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hey poisson du jour

no place is left near me who can process bigger than 35mm chrome film
i don't want to deal with processing it myself because i don't want to deal
with the chemistry and the drain ...
and with kids, i am too broke to pay 20$ for a roll of 120 or
$5+ / sheet of 4x5 or 5x7 film to be turned into a beautiful chrome by mailing it away
...besides all my chrome film is outdated by at least 5 or 6 years, shelf stored
and probably not very good as well ... chromes
i figure using it in coffee is better than selling it for cheaps, or throwing it out

Kids in the equation, huh? You can have one passion or the other, but not both!

And...$20 for a roll of 120 E6?? I wold leave E6 altogether if it cost that for processing. What are you asking for additional to straight processing and no cutting/mounting?
Still, the revelation, however uncomfortable, that Velvia can be dipped in coffee as a substitute process is quite...'out there', innovative if you like. As I write this I can hear my cache of Velvia whimpering in the fridge...