I don't really have room in my facility for a commercial XY cutter/feeder. But I do have a 50" rotatrim
flush mounted to a big formica drating table. There are threaded inserts in the tabletop at critical
positons so I can position a stainless straightedge using nylon screws. This type of "paper" is rather
heavy and easily dented, and sadly, they don't offer it in sheets anymore at all. I have a set of cone
rollers to hold the big roll slightly below the edge of the trimmer. Then another basic linear roller will
feed it to the Rotatrim blade once I have pulled the paper to the stainless length stop (which is
precisely squared to another edge). Then I guess I'll carefully slip a "sled" of Gatorboard or plexi
under the paper to slip it into my 30X40 paper safe on an adjacent table, or to smaller safes (I chose
40 inch roll width because it is also nice for 20x24 or 20X30 sheets. You can also buy 30 or 32 inch
wide rolls, which would be easier to handle. When actually in use, I have a plastic sled which transfers my delicate paper from the paper safe right onto the vacuum easel in the dark without
risk of crinkling it. The transfer from there into the drum rolled-up just takes a little practice - the
paper is less likely to kink when in a gentle roll. I learned the tricks back when doing big Cibachromes.