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Kids in the equation, huh? You can have one passion or the other, but not both!

And...$20 for a roll of 120 E6?? I wold leave E6 altogether if it cost that for processing. What are you asking for additional to straight processing and no cutting/mounting?
Still, the revelation, however uncomfortable, that Velvia can be dipped in coffee as a substitute process is quite...'out there', innovative if you like. As I write this I can hear my cache of Velvia whimpering in the fridge...

well, 20$ was a bit of an exaggeration, but if you count shipping both ways ? who knows
maybe it is more like 12-15$ ... ( i have like 75-100 rolls !)
yeap, my kids are eating me out of house and home ..
and with the rising price of fresh fruit and veggies YIKES !
its a good thing i only buy fresh chems, i wouldn't be able to afford this rich person's hobby
unless i was loaded.