I use 35mm transparency film regularly (Elite Chrome, E100G, Velvia 50) and will do so until my Kodak hoard runs out or Fuji cease production. I adore the colours and I love the way the red colour layer leaps out when viewed through a mini-viewer. Projected slides are amazing and I doubt I'll ever get the equivalent resolution through any LCD projector or UHD TV screen I'll ever be able to afford. I like to hold them up in the daylight and look at the details close-up with my enlarging lens. Dare I say I really enjoy the smell of fresh transparency film? There's something mmm that I don't get from negative and b/w film.

I've had several rolls of Agfa VistaPlus 200 cross-processed to transparencies with some encouraging quirky results.

I'm new here, but I think I'm in the right place judging by the comments above.