Okay, folks, I finally jumped in with both feet regarding buying bulk C-41 chemicals rather than the smaller press kits and such. This past spring, I visited a small camera shop a few states away that was supposedly about to go out of business and I noticed they had bottles of C-41 chemicals, in addition to E-6 and RA-4. So, last weekend when I was there again, I came prepared and bought some C-41. I had my doubts as to whether I was buying the correct stuff, and whether the concentrates weren't too aged, but C-41 wise I bought every different chemical he had, so I had no further options, as you'll see in my list below. I mixed them up using the proportions on the bottles and Ian Mazursky's spreadsheet from the sticky thread. And they worked! Huzzah!

All are Kodak Flexicolor, to make 10L, except the bleach & bleach starter. The designation "RA" notwithstanding, all are marked for use with film.
Developer/Replenisher LORR, Part A
Developer/Replenisher LORR, Part B
Developer/Replenisher LORR, Part C
Bleach Starter
RA Bleach Replenisher NR
RA Fixer/Replenisher
Final Rinse/Replenisher

The directions on the bleach starter bottle are for use with Bleach III Replenisher, but I substituted the RA Bleach Replenisher NR I'd bought instead; I figured the difference was just an update in the product.
I had no developer starter, so I omitted it.
I knew it was important to store the mixed developer in a glass bottle instead of plastic for storage purposes and the only one I have handy is a 750mL, so I scaled Mazursky's proportions down to fit. Everything else I mixed up into 1L plastic Datatainer bottles.
I don't have a JOBO and I have no intentions of running a replenishment system. Like I did with the press kits, I'm just mixing up a small quantity and using them until they're exhausted by use or age, and then mixing up more as I need it.

So far I've processed six rolls in this batch, most of it Kodak Ektar and rebranded (Walgreens) Fuji Superia. I've made sure to be generous with bleach and fix times, about five minutes and six minutes, respectively. The medium format roll looks the most consistent. With the two 35mm rolls of Ektar I've done so far, I've had to do some Photoshop sweetening and color correction, but those were done last. I'm more concerned about some of the highlight blocking I'm getting and the way light green tones, like grass, are being rendered.

The entire batch so far is here, and the shots are presented in order of development: http://www.flickr.com/photos/otterda...7631836715211/
Don't mind the first two shots. They were on Fuji Superia 800 and that roll was pretty wild.

I'm putting this out there so that if I'm doing something completely wrong with these chemicals, or could do it better, I can get some critiquing. I'm sure this can also help others who have thought about switching to bulk chemicals make the plunge, too. Thanks in advance!