HI. I love developing film, both color and B&W. After playing with medium format for a year, I'd like to get in to large format. On my local craigslist, I've found some equipment that meet my budget, could you give me some advice?

1. Linhof 45s w/ tripod and 3 lens boards, 300$ (no lens, no holders)

2. Toyo G w/ viewing hood, bellows lens shade, 2 extra lens boards, 1 4x5 Polaroid Film Holder, 18 LISCO REGAL II Film Holders, Wide Angle Bellows and Short Rail. Fujinon 150 5.6 lens. 600$

3. Sinar F2 w/ lens (waiting to hear which lens). 750$

4. Camera make unknown (waiting to hear back). Lens is 210mm F5.6. Shutter release cable, 10 film magazines, one polaroid back, film loading bag, and some Illford BW film, some Fuji E-6, and about 10 sheets of polaroid film Type 55 and 54. 500$

All sellers have confirmed bellows and rest of camera in good working condition. I'm looking for something I can use outside, to setup at the beach or in the mountains, possibly after very light/ short hikes.

Thank you!