I am buying chemicals for film developing for the first time and I am a bit overwhelmed.

My local shop does carry ilfosol 3, but I've read that their new batch still has issues of oxidising quickly. I am stuck between HC-110 and Rodinal. From what I understand "correct me if I'm wrong" HC-110 is better with mid-tones and shadow detail and Rodinal is a solution that will make images sharper and grain more visible due to the sharpening characteristics. B&H does have HC-110 in stock, and Rodinal will take about 2 weeks to fill the order.

I picked up Ilfostop today.

No idea where to start

MISC supplies:
I am looking at a Paterson tank or another plastic tank system. I like the idea of the ratchet loading
Picked up 3 600 ML measuring cups and a 5 ML medicine dispenser last night.
Picked up a proper thermometer at the shop today.
Not sure what else is needed.

What I am still confused about is that I am aware that the stop bath and fixer are reusable. Can I store the mixture in a container until the next roll of film or will the chem go bad?