So far, here's my catch of postcards from this round:

Rudiger's Soccer over Paris. This is something totally surrealistic. How did he get the ball there and what was he doing? This is something amazing. I also love the separation of tones of the guy from the background. Just superb!

Uwe's, University of Leipzig. I agree with Rudiger, the card looks much bigger than it's real size. I'm not sure how you got that effect. I like the unusual composition of the statue with the modern building.

Peter's All day $3. Great retro look! You've got an eye to see an unusual angle to ordinary scene. Looks great.

Matt's Legs. A super-amazing macro. I've taken my share of spider shots, but getting such detail on three of them in one macro is very-very-very difficult. Love the composition!

Ozphoto's TV Tower. Great color and patterns. I like it very much.

That's all so far. Very impressive beginning of the round!