I use the same developer that you use and you definitely need the starter with that. The starter is pretty cheap - about $9 for a bottle. The part number is 8485153. One bottle will last you many years.

The RA bleach uses starter. The part number is 8566796. That should be the same as regular bleach starter. Use 880 ml of replenisher and 120 ml of starter to make a liter.
The RA fixer is mixed at 500ml of concentrate with 500ml of water to make a liter of replenisher. It requires no starter.

The processing times are:

3:15 developer 30 sec initial agitation, 2 sec of agitation every 15 sec thereafter
6:30 bleach 30 sec initial agitation, 5 sec agitation every 30 sec thereafter
1:30 wash
6:30 fixer same agitation as the bleach
3:15 wash
1:30 final rinse 30 sec initial agitation, then let sit

Keep the developer at 100 F
the others can be used at 75 F to 105 F

I use a nikor stainless tank to process all of my film. It's pretty easy to do. I just did 6 rolls of Ektar today.
For the first wash, I fill the tank, agitate 20 times and empty it. I do that 3 times
For the second wash, I use the same procedure with only 10 agitations and keep refilling until the water is clear. Usually about 8 - 10 refills.

With that developer, there will be replenisher left over when you mix the tank solution. I set it aside and replenish the developer as I'm going along during a session. I don't save the mixed chemicals after a session.

I hope that helps.