OK so I had debated with OM vs Nikon for a few days and I think I'm going OM. Which lenses should I get?

I was thinking of the following:
28mm f2.0: I hear this is good and I want a fast wide-angle that is good at close-distances.
50mm f1.4 or 50mm f2.0: I don't really need the f1.4 but I hear that the f2.0 has the best zuiko 50mm bokeh and is their sharpest..
50mm f1.8 (MIJ): Dirt cheap and one of Zuiko's sharpest too. I figured this would be good for infinity shooting.
85mm f2.0: I want a short moderately fast tele for portraits. This lens should be good enough. Not as sharp as the 100mm f2.0 but fast tele's aren't as important to me as wides.

1. Is the 28mm f2.0 good at infinity? If not, then I would probably add a slower wide angle (24-28) if it were better. Is there a slow wide angle lens known for being sharp, stopped down, and focused at infinity? Usually, with faster lenses, this is not the case.

2. I would eventually like to add a fast semi-wide: 35mm f2.0 or 40mm f2.0. The difference in perspective, to me, doesn't matter. I know that the 40mm f2.0 is pricey but how does it rate with the 35mm f2.0. I hear that the 35mm f2.0 is no good, but both lenses get mixed reviews. The 40mm focuses very closely, I've read. Closer than the 35mm's and 50mm's (outside the macro) but I haven't verified this. It seems very versatile.

3. Is there a serial numbers I should look out for? In regards to the 28mm and 85mm? I know that most people agree that the late 50mm f1.4's (SN > 1.1 milion) and 50mm f1.8's (MIJ) were better than the earlier ones, but I hear nothing in regards to the other focal lengths.

4. I want a power winder. I just want something to advance the film automatically? Any winder will do, right?