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It is a magical thing. One day I want to try shooting with a good 3D camera (not too many of those out there!), and view them ala a viewmaster. If it looks half as good as the 3D image does in a Rollei / Hasselblad style finder, it will be well worth the effort.
Yeah, you have to do it! I shoot Provia and old stocks of Fuji Sensia in my Stereo Realist and Wollensak Stereo 10 cameras, mount them in the special stereo slide mounts, and view them through my Stereo Realist "Red Button" viewer which I have modified with a LED bulb instead of the dim yellow torch bulbs they originally used. The 3D effect with those beautiful backlit slides is mindblowing when you see them for the first time. Everyone I show them to is absolutely amazed.