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PM on 135mm Nikkor
The 135mm Nikkor is sold.

1) Bronica 50mm f3.5 Nikkor-H lens w/ lens cap and rear bronica cap. $175

2) 150mm Zenzanon/Bronica f3.5 lens w/ rear cap but no front cap. Shutter blades clean/no oil, aperture works fine, but old fungus on edge of glass. $85

3) 75mm f2.8 lens w/ rear lens cap, but no front lens cap. Glass clean, shutter blades clean/no oil. $60

5) Bronica helical unit has been fixed. I took a few minutes to compare it to other Bronica helical units and determined a sliding level inside the unit has slipped out. I reinstalled it and now this unit works fine. $30