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We are rapidly becoming bombarded 18/7 with noise.

Constant visual stimulation overpowers our brains and the long term effect of this "noise" is yet to be seen.

Already we are diagnosing a lot of ADHD in children that may or may not be attributed to this but with the addictive nature of computers and the lack of exercise to "clear the mind" it has to have some effect on them.

I don't really see anti social behavior or lack of socialization in people but I think the bombardment of stimulation has to cause a lot of added stress.
I'm not aware of any use of the Ludovico Technique.

Most ADHD is actually boys being boys. When I was at school there was lots of physical activity and rough-housing as well as competitive sports. Now, not so much. It's "too dangerous". We have a philosophy in our house that childhood isn't childhood without a few cuts and bruises and preferably a scar to boast about.

Now they seem to want to drug kids for being kids. That pent up energy goes somewhere.

The number of true ADHD cases is actually quite small. Some of the rest are mis-diagnosed cases of other developmental issues such as SPD. The bulk of the remainder are just boys being boys.