Lensman, I have a two-year-old boy who has been described as "all boy" since he was barely crawling. He currently has a fat lip from banging into daddy's desk. His dad had his first set of stitches at the age of two 'cause he ran into a corner of a wall at his grandmother's house. First stitches of many. I never had stitches as a kid, but certainly had many bruises. If anyone ever tries to tell me he's ADHD, they'll be getting a lecture. He's active - just like a boy should be, imo. I'm just hoping I can get him to use the right amount of technology but balance it well with physical activity.

Stephanie, if I was anywhere near Iowa, I'd pick you and the kids up to go somewhere fun - I'm also a SAHM, but we have too many cars (not all run). My mom knits, spins, weaves, and dyes - yup, she's 71 and doesn't swear.