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Note that E6 films have excellent archival properties only when not exposed to light. Normal projection use (a few minutes of viewing every few months) is not a problem but leaving a chrome (unless it's Kodachrome or Ilfochrome) constantly illuminated will fade it. For display purposes now that Ilfochrome is gone, you can buy polyester RA4 materials and make a print from a neg that looks like a chrome and is designed for back-lighting.
Hmm. I'd heard just the opposite. That Kodachrome had near unbelievable dark longevity, but deteriorated (relatively) rapidly when illuminated. That was why all of the Kodak Carousel business people used to make multiple second-generation Ektachrome dupes for their presentations, while keeping their Kodachrome "masters" in the dark.

Did I remember that backwards?

In any case, I'd only turn on the frames for paying guests anyway...