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Anyone knows of the difference, if any, between the two processes?

What happens is that, I acquired some photo chemicals from a local school. It is the CPAC 55BL543, Trelux-23 Bleach. That is the Type-III bleach for Fuji CN-16Q process. The sales rep at CPAC said that the bleach is for Fuji, and I'll have to buy the regular CN-41 bleach. Since the price for bleach seems the highest among the quotes, and I have a fairly large quantify (cases) at hand, I just wonder if I can use this bleach in the CN-41 processing. I believe the local school used that bleach for its color processing program.

From searching the internet, it appears the CN-16Q has been merged into CN-41 now. Still, any difference for my purposes?

The CPAC sales rep said, unopened bleach can be stored for a long time.
you shouldn't have to buy kodak bleach, cn-16 is fuji's name for c-41. make sure you have enough though, cn-16 chems come in different packaging, some for very small capacity minilabs, some for very high capacity. Also, all fuji bleach I've come across is used undiluted.