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I understand that scanning can change the properties of negative film. However, are these changes consistent with what I am showing in the images above? Would so much color be added to a low saturation negative? The amount of color I'm seeing in my images is really much higher than I was expecting.

To put it simply, do these images look like they are from 400H film?
Yes they do. 400H is a great film and the shots you took seem very nicely exposed, well done Ratty Mouse. Looks like your lab did fine too.

I do think you're missing the point of how negatives work though; they are simply an intermediate step.

The contrast rate of the negative is only relevant when paired with the contrast rate of the printing process.

When C41 films are paired with RA4 paper the resulting photos produce "normal" contrast photos.

The film an paper "balance" the contrast of the final result.

Sure it can be tweaked. They are all subjective. There are no photos that are printed without "adjustment" of at least exposure.

The question I have for you is why did you expect something different?