i have a thing for old cameras
some really old ones from the 1800s,
and some newer old ones from the 1930s ..
about a year and half ago i bought a rolleicord on ebay
it was a 1a type 3 ...
it was advertised as a user, all speeds are accurate
and after a few emails with the seller, to verify what might and might
not be OK he assured me all was good so i transfered my $$ from paypal to him.
it arrived a few days later and was not really in the condition as advertised.
the shutter didn't work, the winding mechanism was locked up too
and when i tried to contact him he ignored my emails so i got a refund from paypal
and offered if he pay the shipping, to send it back to him ... what did i need a broken camera for ...

zack's camera repair fixed my camera, the shutter and wind mechanism worked perfectly !
and i used it on and off for about a year ...
usually when i get my oil changed i bring a camera with me and walk around the neighborhood of the dealership
and a few weeks ago i brought the rollei ...
i had the satchel on the ground and lifted it to get up, and unfortunately the sweet rollei rolled out of the bag onto the floor
sad, cranky and wishful and totted the camera to zacks ..
and picked it up yesterday
it may have survived ww2
it may have survived storage in a basement
it may have survived freight to my house ...

and thanks to zacks, it will survive ME

zacks does great work, thanks zacks !