Hello guys... I am busy moving house and most of my darkroom stuff has been packed away. I am moving due to a problematic housemate and her boyfriend, and my other 2 housemates are leaving as well. Nearly all my darkroom kit (apart from a developing tank, a bottle of rodinal, a nearly used bottle of fixer and 1 D76 packet, and my E-6 working solutions, my remaining 4L worth of concentrate is boxed up. I am moving middle of next month. I have absolutely no money to spare! Me and my other 2 housemates want to capture some good night footage on super-8 and some good grainy shots on 3200TMAX and 1 normal film roll. I will be mailing them prints after my move.

The super 8 is where i am having a problem. my current E6 working solutions have only been used once, they are still perfectly good in their airtight bottles. I plan to shoot the super-8 at 400ASA (Kodak ektachrome 100D) and am wondering how would a 2-stop push look? My 18th movie was pushed 1 stop and gave me really nice results. As I understand it, a 2-stop push is an 80% increase in FD time. Now, would it be even worth pushing 2 stops, or would I be wasting a good film? The shots will be at dusk. The shutter angle of the camera is 180 degrees I approximate the speed at around 1/36 at 18fps ( i could do with an XL camera here with a wider angle shutter. I have not shot the film yet, we plan to go out this evening/tonight. I dont think pushing 3 stops would even give me anything worth using if I were to shoot the film at 800ASA, but If I could it would mean I could shoot later into the night, as on Halloween.

+1 Push gives nice colour and contrast isn't unbearable.

What would a +2 push give me? Also for Halloween, what would a +3 push give me? Would this be a 120% increase in FD time and even worth doing? (120% is only a guess, I can find no recourses on FD time for a +3 stop push. I regret there not being any high-speed reversal options available to me in colour. In Halloween if a +3 is a complete waste of time I will be shooting Black and white 4-X film that I have on hand, box speed of it is 400ASA, frozen from day 1.

I can find very few examples using a search engine, for ektachrome 100D. Tonights footage will be sentimental so I don't want to blow it.

I hope I am not pushing this film too far beyond its design limit of 100ASA, as it is designed to be a slow speed. For future night shooting I plan to shoot kodak vision 500T and have andec lab make a projection print from the negative. I do prefer to do everything myself as it feels good to have done the whole process myself, but printing negative S8 stock is beyond what can be done at home without extreme difficulty and precise equipment, without going digital which I want to avoid at all costs, this is why I do not want to use negative stock, also we want to project it before we part ways,(turnaround time is too large) and i have zero money atm, until im settled. We do want to also shoot one on Halloween, hence wanting a 3-stop push, as it will be under orange streetlight and pumpkin candles etc etc. This evenings will be a 2-stop push.