I just got back from California yesterday from a month long trip. I rushed over to the post office to pick up all of my held mail. Once I got in the truck I pulled out all of the postcard and admired them.

$3 All Day: I love the lines in this photo.

Legs: As soon as I saw it I thought two things: This has the be toned, and Man, I never see these things anymore. What happend to them. Such a cool photo.

Bridge of Glass: An abstract shot full of color and light with no up or down.

Canoe on the water: Large depth of field. Looks like a postcard for new England.

Soccer Over Paris: An entertainer entertains a large crowd of people with some high flying antics. Although there is one person in the photo that seems they couldn't care less about the show. Interesting contrast to the crowd. Goes to show you can't please them all.

I still have to pick a negative. I goofed and double exposed the photo I shot for the round, but I still have tons of negatives I will be developing here soon. I should be able to get one out of those.

Looking forward to see what comes next.